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Predict on Premier League fixtures each week. With a chance to win every single time.

How to Play

The Game is simple.


Players stake £10 to gain entry into the prize-winning league where they'll have an opportunity to win their stake back every week for 38 game weeks. Plus, they'll be in the hat to win the grand prize at the end of the season should they finish 1st in the overall league table.


ScorPicks players will find one game every week chosen at random from the Premier League fixture list. Players will be expected to pick:


Outcome - Home win, Away win, Draw

Scoreline - What's the score?

Goalden Boy - First Goalscorer

Bad Boy - First Booking


Each pick has a specific points value. For example, picking the correct outcome will gain players 25 points, but the correct scoreline earns a huge 100 points.


If the pick for Goalden Boy or Bad Boy doesn't score or get booked first, they will earn players a lower points value. For example, if a Goalden Boy pick scores 3rd in the game, the player would receive 12 points.


If the pick for Goalden Boy or BadBoy scores or is booked twice in a game (or receives a red card) players will earn double points.


Players level on points in a single game week will then be ranked based on the time at which they submitted their prediction - the earlier you predict, the more chance you have of winning.


Players can currently play for free but will only be eligible to win prizes once they've staked.

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Player Testimonials

ScorPicks hits that perfect note between gambling and gaming and I can't get enough. I love the random double game weeks!

Theo Dlaboha-Morrison

I've played ScorPicks since the early days and it's fully replaced Fantasy Football for me. It's enjoyable without taking up too much brainspace.

Will Tait

Me and all my friends play now. It's all we talk about in the group chat all week!

Lucy Cook

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